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Are There Cobwebs on Your Resume?

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While no one wants to be in career transition, it is a fact of life that this tenuous circumstance will likely be repeated several times. While it’s sad to see people struggle, do they bring it on themselves?

For example, so many ignore the foundation of career management by failing to keep abreast of trends in resume content, preparation and format. Twenty-three years ago when I first started writing resumes, the functional style was the format of choice. Today, it is the least desirable of the three basic resume styles, and using it will raise a red flag for the reader.

If you use an outdated resume format, people will assume your skills and capabilities are also outdated. They will think you don’t care about managing your career, even though in your heart you do – and you need to.

Each day I provide three new executive resume critiques. One thing that continues to blow my mind is people who have incorrect or obsolete contact details on their resume. They say how upset they are to have not received any calls for interviews, yet how can you expect someone to reach you if your number is wrong?

Right now, open your resume and check the contact information. Is your phone number correct and current? What about your email address? Have you included a customized LinkedIn address? Did you list a Skype address? That is just as important today as your other contact details.

To prudently manage your career, continuing education to upgrade your skills and training must be on your radar. When screening candidates, HR professionals, executive recruiters, and other career influencers look for credentials and additional training. Will they find these on your resume?

The world has changed in the last few years, and the resume has transformed from a list of responsibilities to a document jam-packed full of accomplishments. Would you hire someone based on a bunch of responsibilities, or someone who could save you money without compromising capability? I suspect it would be the latter.

Are you out and about in your community, helping local charities and sports teams, and giving a hand to people in need as war ravages their own country? Your recent volunteer activities are another crucial aspect of your resume.

Are you an expert in your field? Most people are, once they think about the value and knowledge they could bring a future employer. It’s a matter of marketing yourself as an expert. We all have stories to tell. Have you considered authoring or co-authoring an article in an industry publication? That in itself will bring tremendous value, and will make another significant contribution to your resume.

Knowing the current trends in resumes and career management is always a good investment of time. You can also seek out qualified executive resume writers who will use the latest trends to showcase your talents in the best possible light.

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