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Executive Career Management Lessons From Christmas at Harrods

Harrods-Christmas-2015I’ve recently returned from a business trip to London, where I was fortunate to visit my favourite store – Harrods. At all times of year, Harrods features a cornucopia of unique gifts, consumer-packaged goods and apparel. But at Christmastime, they come into their own, dressing up their entire one million square feet of retail space, with a special emphasis on their many windows.

Wondering just how it all comes together? Harrods released this video to give a glimpse behind the scenes.

The department store market in the UK is saturated. Just how does a store like Harrods get people to flock to them, making their windows a must-see holiday tradition for people near and far?

The executive career market is just as crowded. How much attention have you placed on your own window to the career world – your executive resume?

Failure to make yourself unique in a saturated market can reduce your chances of career advancement. Be narrow and resonating in your messaging, leading career decision makers to want more, just like the people who return to the Harrods Christmas windows year after year.

Harrods’ ability to captivate a global audience has kept them apart from the competition. Do you differentiate yourself through your personal brand, your resume messaging, your poise, and your apparel? If so, you should be well on the way to attracting an audience to look at what you can offer a future employer.

A window at Harrods only has certain space parameters. Your window of opportunity also has limited parameters. A resume longer than three pages will diminish your chances of having it read by 93%, and your infomercial only has strength and impact if you keep if brief and succinct.

The Harrods windows are dressed to create a compelling impact. Are you dressed in the appropriate attire to elevate your stature and impact, and outperform the competition?


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