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Santa on Snapchat? Because it’s 2015!

Santa Claus using tablet computerOnce a year I get to work with a very special client. Our secret meeting takes place in the summer but I’m forbidden from mentioning our seasonal rendezvous until December 1. Who is my client?

It’s the Chief Excitement Officer, the Head of Global Gifting, the Big Fella with the red suit and regal smile …. yep, my very special client is Santa Claus!

I love working with Santa. He is the ultimate senior executive client who knows the value in managing his career and seizes every opportunity to promote his brand. While many senior executives may feel ageism is a hindrance, not this guy! Santa stays current and relevant by keeping abreast of latest technologies used by his clientele.

This year, we updated Santa’s resume to include his newest online profiles on Pinterest and Instagram. Santa also learned this year what jolly good fun it is to Snapchat with boys and girls across the world from the comfort of his big red chair in front of the fire.

There are three lessons to be learned from Santa’s enduring career philosophy:

  1. Stay current.
  2. Have both an enticing online presence and an achievement-based resume.
  3. Build your network, both in-person and online.

If you could use some jolly good advice, submit your executive resume for a free resume critique from Martin Buckland, one of Canada’s one of Canada’s leading executive career management professionals. Just like Santa Claus, Martin works with executive clients across the world as the owner of Elite Resumes and member of the BlueSteps career services team.

Here is Santa’s updated 2015 resume:

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