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3 Steps to a More Confident Career

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We all recognize a confident person from a mile away. Not only by their poise and the way they carry themselves, but also the way they communicate the most pertinent message for that time or situation.

Confident people put others at ease, quickly building rapport and facilitating meaningful conversations. That’s why we’re drawn to confident people, and shy away from insecure people.

In my many years as a career and executive coach, I have seen that the clients who project confidence transition much faster through a job search than those who lack self-assurance.

We all face unexpected hurdles in our career and personal life. Hiring decision makers are drawn to candidates who will tackle these issues and rise to the challenges.

Here are three ways to build and exude more career confidence:

  1. Keep a brag book. In today’s career landscape you never know when a new opportunity – or a pink slip – can come calling. Instead of waiting for someone else to assess your strengths and accomplishments at an annual review, keep your own independent record at home. The act of regularly maintaining and reviewing your contributions is sure to boost your confidence and career to new heights.
  2. Learn to use social media. Have your misguided attempts at social media created digital dirt that could haunt your career advancement? Instead of risking your reputation by guessing at how to use social media for career management, seek out trusted advisors and adhere to their suggestions. You’ll no longer have to worry about damaging your personal brand on social media.
  3. Update your resume. Sadly, too few people keep their resumes up to date and aren’t ready for a tap on the shoulder from an executive recruiter or human resource professional. Instead of handing over an outdated resume, feel confident you are portraying yourself in the best light.

What is your own level of career confidence? Have you taken these three steps?

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