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Having a Recruitment Mindset

© Stuart Miles -
© Stuart Miles –

Still waiting for a job to fall into your lap?

Too many people assume that sitting for two hours a day at their computer dispatching resumes is the basis of good recruitment. Not true!

Recruitment is a full-time gig. You must embrace that challenge and communicate it to everyone who is placing other demands on your time. Being in career transition can have a major effect on your family and others around you. So don’t take recruitment lightly, or let them take it lightly either. There is too much at stake.

Recruitment today can be very onerous and lonely. It can also be a period of excitement and engagement, where you learn a lot about yourself while collaborating with peers who are also in career transition.

Consider how you can all work together to maximize a recruitment opportunity. They may be in a different function than you, but as they network to uncover recruitment opportunities, they may find an appointment that is perfect for you.

The word recruitment, to many, just means getting yourself in front of a recruiter and waiting for them to pull a rabbit out of a hat and instantly find you a job. Not true! There are many things you must do to target the right recruiters and stay on their radar.

Recruitment also has a role to play when you are working. People are always recruiting talent with your attributes and skills. Never miss out on the opportunity for your next exciting placement. If approached, meet the recruiter to discuss the possibility. Face-to-face time with an executive recruiter is very crucial in managing your career.

If the recruitment opportunity doesn’t match your career goals, be honest that you don’t want to be placed in the candidates’ pool. However, if you have a peer or colleague who does fit the criteria, be sure to mention his or her name. This strengthens your viability as a strong candidate when future opportunities arise that are more suitable to your career direction.

In essence, recruitment will be part of your life from the day you leave school through to the day you choose to retire, and is the foundation of successful career management.

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