Is Executive Search and BlueSteps Right for Me-

Is Executive Search and BlueSteps Right for Me?

For the past year, I have had the privilege of working with BlueSteps members – all global executives – and celebrating in their career advancement after taking advantage of various BlueSteps services.

While it is possible to climb the corporate ladder unassisted, the reality is this: The higher you climb, the thinner the air and the more challenging a job search becomes. The elevation may require a strategy shift and rebranding of your marketing material.

Is Executive Search and BlueSteps Right for Me?As a senior executive, your career journey has likely positioned you as a prime candidate for retained executive search firms, but your marketing material – executive resume, suite of cover letters, and LinkedIn profile – may not clearly portray your C-level capabilities.

Organizations such as BlueSteps, the career management service of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), are here to help and can be a critical component of your career success. We’ll be here for you throughout your lifetime membership, sharing strategies via webinars, the resource centre, and most importantly, interaction with an elite group of Executive Resume Writers and Executive Career Coaches – including myself – who specialize in helping executives take their career to new heights.

When I converse with executives, I describe BlueSteps this way: Currently, the door might be slightly ajar to executive recruiters; you can see a scant beam of light at the other side but you struggle for full visibility. Once you join BlueSteps, that door opens wide and you can see the light in a room full of extraordinary opportunities filled with leading executive search firms across the globe.

However, don’t assume membership brings instant results from executive search firms; you need the right tools to get on their radar screen. You may need to replace an outdated and boring resume with an accomplishment-based executive-level resume, or you may benefit from coaching in executive job search, or in using LinkedIn as a career management tool.

I truly enjoy conversing with new BlueSteps members across the world and sharing my expertise during a complimentary personalized career consultation. I also work with members to craft a new executive portfolio (resume + cover letter + LinkedIn profile wording). Armed with the right tools, you too can have one of the 90,000+ positions that BlueSteps members fill each year through a massive network of executive search firm partners.

You may also be wondering Am I at the right career level to join BlueSteps? Will my investment in a membership bring me value? While you may still aspire to be the typical BlueSteps $250K executive, if you want to advance your career, connect and maintain relations with executive search firms, then a lifetime membership is a wise investment.

Each recruitment firm sets a base salary level where they commence executive search contracts. For instance, some executive recruitment firms may start at $150K and go up, plus there are recruiters that specialize by industry and/or geographic region (national, regional, continent-based, or global). With prudent research and potential visibility to 9,000 executive recruiters in over 75 countries, BlueSteps can help you narrow your list to the best executive search firms for your level and industry. You’ll also be accessible by these search firms for the duration of your career since you’ll be in the BlueSteps candidate database.

You know how to take command of an organization and steer it to new heights. BlueSteps equips you with the tools, coaching and connections to take your career to the next level. Contact me or visit the BlueSteps website to learn why BlueSteps is the right career partner for C-suite leaders and aspiring executives. Mention my exclusive promo code BUCKLAND20 for a 20% discount on a lifetime membership.

Be visible. Be considered. Join me on BlueSteps and expand your executive recruiter reach.



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