Job Search Olympics

Job Search Olympics

Olympic events are enormous opportunities for athletes to compete and be recognized for their skill, talent, and drive. Those Olympic opportunities lead to increased earning potential, extraordinary network expansion, and further career opportunities in the future. Most of us will never have the chance to compete at the Olympic level in a sport, but a job search can have as much at stake for you as the Olympics do for athletes. The two arenas are very similar in that the competitor who is the most prepared, has the best coach, and is focused on the finish line and first place will win the gold medal or the job.

Job Search OlympicsBe prepared to make the best possible impression. Have your resume, cover letter, personal branding, and social media ready for recruiters and hiring influencers. Know your own resume. Practice your smile, your handshake, your elevator pitch, and your interview questions and answers.

Find a great coach. Look for someone who has well-rounded experience with the job search Olympics: Not just resume writing and interview preparation, but someone who can advise you how to prepare for executive or Board level interviews, and who can coach you on how to fine-tune your total presentation for the career and job you want. A career coach can’t get you the job, but they can help you prepare yourself and your branding so that you can present yourself as the best possible fit for the position.

Get focused. In a job search, your job IS the search! Pay attention to the details, such as making sure your resume and social media profiles offer the correct, current, and matching information about you. Start conversations with your network of contacts, and let everyone know that you’re seeking your next position.

Run the full race. Don’t quit before the finish line and settle for the first job you are offered. Go for the gold medal, that perfect fit where your skills and interests meet their needs and expectations!

The best of luck to you in your job search Olympics!


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