Building your Career? Manage Yourself

Building your Career? Manage Yourself!

The best career advice I ever received was from my Sergeant as I graduated Police Academy to become a London Metropolitan Police officer. He said “Above all other things, manage yourself.” Simple words that have seen me through changing careers, building a brand and an international business, and into a future I couldn’t have imagined back then.

Building your Career? Manage YourselfThese words are a great reminder that no one will manage or build your career with more passion and persistence than you. No one knows you better, knows your goals, strengths, and weaknesses better. No one can sell you more successfully to hiring influencers better than you can. You are responsible for managing your own career.

No one can be more motivated or persistent at reaching the next level, getting that dream job, earning that advanced degree, filling in those skills gaps, or negotiating that raise than you are. So, treat your career management as a second job. Give yourself regular evaluations, check in on your goals and dreams, and check your progress. Network regularly to increase your reach toward the jobs and skills you want to attain. Build your personal brand so that your solid reputation as an industry expert precedes you in interviews and vetting efforts. Hire a coach when you feel stuck.  And when you reach that top goal, sit down with your client, YOU, and decide what’s next, and begin to set new goals and dream the next dream.

That sterling advice was given to me for free by a man who wanted me to succeed. It was following that advice that brought me so much success. So, I’m passing it on for free, in hopes that it helps you to succeed. As an experienced Executive Coach and eMBA Coach who works with movers and shakers around the world, I’ve never found better advice:

Above all other things, manage yourself.

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