ALL skills on your resume

ALL the Skills on your Resume!

All of your skills and career buzzwords need to be on your resume. Neither the software that analyzes resumes, nor the human hiring influencers, are going to give you an interview for a job requiring skills you don’t list…no matter how obvious those skills might be to you.

A recruiter may have a business degree, or experience in HR, or may have a degree in music theory while having years of experience as a matchmaker for employers and candidates. Hiring influencers working in HR departments often have degrees in psychology, business, or may also have an unrelated degree but a wealth of experience in the field. Any hiring influencer is unlikely to understand all the ins and outs of every profession, so you cannot assume they “know” that everyone who does your job has a particular skill.

resume ALL the Skills!While this may seem obvious to some, it’s worth stating. I have had this conversation with clients and potential clients again and again over the years. To them, it’s clear that someone without that degree, skill, or certification wouldn’t be applying for the job, so they focus on every other skill they can add, but they leave off the most crucial skill because they think no one without that skill would bother applying. A Systems Analyst who specializes in security cannot leave a CISSP off their resume because “everyone” who does systems security has one. Especially if an organization is specifically looking for someone with CISSP certification!

Leave all your assumptions behind and assume that you have to precisely and completely list or explain all your skills, education, and certifications. ALL the skills. ALL the education. ALL the certifications.

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