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Your Passport to a Great Career

A career is like a journey. You plan to go far, explore, and enjoy the ride. Along that journey, your resume is a passport that allows you to go further and dream bigger, and not having one can mean you’re stuck in place.

What does your passport have in common with a resume?

Fotolia 84567014 XSIt is your identification. All of your contact information is clearly stated in your resume, as well as your skills and experience. A resume tells hiring influencers exactly who you are.

It holds a record of your journey. Just as a passport holds pages of entry and exit stamps, your resume lists your experiences and where you’ve been along your career. Recruiters can easily see the length and breadth of your experience.

You need one for entry. Unless you’re moving from one related state to another, you’ll need a passport. Of course, you can be hired or promoted internally, even from one division to another, without a resume. But to gain new experiences and leave the safety of the familiar, a passport or resume is needed to go beyond your current borders.

Allowing it to expire can cause a loss of opportunity. Just as you should always keep your passport current and ready to travel on a moment’s notice, your resume should stay current and fresh, ready to take advantage of any great new opportunity that comes your way.


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