The Value of Career Coaching

When a young athlete identifies the Olympics as their goal, what’s the first thing they do? Search for a great coach who has helped other young athletes achieve Olympic-worthy scores. When an adult decides to lose a significant amount of weight, he hires a professional fitness trainer or “coach” to help him reach his fitness goals. When organizations want to improve executive morale, boost productivity, and extend retention rates, they hire a coach.

career coachingThe value of career coaching is the same as the value in an athletic coach: You could do the same work on your own, but why should you struggle with trial-and-error? Why not take advantage of proven expertise to speed up the process of identifying and reaching your career goals? Your time is valuable, and so is your effort. With an executive career coach, you hire an expert on setting goals, identifying strengths and weaknesses, identifying personal and professional obstacles, creating career plans, and matching all of those answers to careers that are a great fit for each client.

What’s more, an executive career coach can also help you create a resume that sells your skills and experience to hiring influencers, a LinkedIn profile that matches your resume for impact and piquing interest, and more!

The value of career coaching is immediate, helping you to get focused and moving toward a great new job and career. It’s also valuable in the long term, helping you set goals far into the future that will help you increase both your earning potential and your career satisfaction over a lifetime.


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