Career Management is 24/7/365

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Do you manage your career? If not, why not?

Career management is just as important as financial management. In fact, statistics tell us that the more actively you manage your career, the more money you will have to manage, and the quicker you will reach your career destination and goals.

So many people miss out on this opportunity because they assume there are no jobs available or that a job will fall into their laps. Or they’re employed and think they’ll never lose their job. In my 25+ years as a career management professional, I’ve learned that every job is temporary, and a pink slip could arrive tomorrow.

There are plenty of jobs out there, for those willing to invest time in their career management. That is equally true when you’re employed – you must keep an eye out for new opportunities that will help you reach your goals.

Career management time is any time

Being busy is no excuse these days. With the advent of the Internet and social media platforms, you can advance your career at any time of the day or night by browsing available jobs, posting your resume, and building your network.

HR professionals and executive recruiters are searching for talent all the time on LinkedIn and other online platforms. If you want to be found, you need to have a presence on the various sites. If you want to be chosen, you need to stand out.

Optimum career management means networking in person, within your defined environment; keeping your resume up to date with the current resume format and accomplishment-driven stories; and active engagement on social media.

Follow a plan

When is the last time you sat down with a peer, family member, or career coach to review your career goals and draft a career plan? I suspect it’s been awhile, if at all.

Take the time to think through the type of job and environment you’re looking for, and what specific skills and attributes you offer an employer. That will help focus your ongoing career management efforts.

Do you manage your career? Do you have a solid, striking and up-to-date social media presence? Do you have an extensive network? Can career influencers such as HR professionals and executive recruiters find you 24/7/365?

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