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Key Factors For Building Credibility Online and In Person

Key Factors For Building Credibility Online and In PersonIn today’s fast-based and web-driven world, you are evaluated quickly. People make an instant assumption and if that’s a negative opinion, it can haunt you for years. To decision makers, credibility is so important that it cannot be overemphasized.  So what are the factors for building credibility? What can you do to gain credibility in the eyes of other professionals, executive recruiters, hiring managers, networking associates, and other career influencers? The key is to build and maintain your personal brand. This is true even when you are gainfully employed, as you never know when the pink slip might arrive and you will be back in career transition.

Online credibility

Many people have met their downfall through unprofessional or inconsistent online activities. Always remember that there may be a wide and global audience looking at your opinion and comments. As your career and personal life unfold, ensure that you consistently portray your brand message each day as you cruise through the various social media platforms, sharing links to articles and other valuable information about your industry. Be cautious as you skirt the edge between personal and professional – I like to express my British sense of humour, but this approach may not be appropriate for you, especially if you’re just building your brand.

Face-to-face credibility

In person, your demeanor and the way you introduce yourself is crucial, and failure to impress within a few split seconds can decrease your credibility to an audience that can most likely bring benefit to your career advancement. Your attire, your handshake, your smile, and your verbal introduction are all equal components in building credibility. From there, it comes down to the continuing conversation, and your ability to ask probing questions and share compelling insights that entice people to want to know you more. Building and maintaining a professional impression must be a daily pursuit. Failure to market and portray yourself as a professional can damage your credibility, as can one poorly worded post or inappropriate photo.

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