Is Getting A Job All About Who You Know

Is Getting a Job All About Who You Know

Consistently, the message is that networking is so important because it is about who you know that gets you the job. However, what happens when you try to break into an industry in which you have little to no contacts?

Gett a job is all about who you know

The messaging that it is who you know that counts seems a little misleading.

Instead, the critical component to landing new positions is that people within your network know that you are looking for a new position in a specific industry or role. 

It is true that hiring managers look internally when filling positions. However, when that does not generate leads, they look within three degrees of separation to look for referrals.

Therefore, if you are looking to explore a new industry or position, you must get onto the radar of those who may have influence and knowledge of open positions.

Use these tips to get on the radar of those who can help you break into a new industry:

Utilize LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a valuable resource to help you advance your career and get the message out there that you are exploring positions in new industries. Start researching the industry via LinkedIn. Post and comment on articles related to your coveted industry. Doing so will get you on the radar on those in your network who have connections to that particular industry, and your relationship with them will come to mind when they hear of openings.

Investigate Your Network

You can also use LinkedIn to search your network for connections to people within the industry in which you are looking. It is likely that you have more connections than you believe. Once you find them, you can contact them to let them know you are looking for a new position.

Expand Your Network

Breaking into a new industry is also a great time to expand your network. Make new authentic connections with people within the industry you are seeking to find a position. Get to know these new connections and communicate your experience, expertise, goals, and the value you bring to the industry. While you expand your network, you may want to consider networking with executive recruiters who have inside knowledge and can help you manage your career.

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