Can a Recruiter Help Leverage Your Job Search?

Can a Recruiter Help Your Job Search?

Many seem to downplay the benefits of using a recruiter to help navigate the job search process. However, building strong relationships with recruiters can prove to be beneficial for the future of your career. So can a recruiter help your job search?

Some executive job seekers overlook the help a recruiter can provide throughout a job search, and it can often be difficult to know which recruiters you can trust. During a lengthy job search, you want to maximize your job search potential, and the wrong recruiters definitely will not help you land a desired position. Therefore, it is important to determine if you should invest time building a relationship with a particular recruiter.

Can a Recruiter Help Leverage Your Job Search?

Is the Recruiter Worth Your Time?

To maximize the time invested in your job search, you want to ensure the recruiter you interact with will truly be beneficial. There are a few fairly simple ways to determine right out of the gate if a recruiter will invest his or her time finding the right placements for you.

  • Do they answer the phone and respond to your emails? Communication is a critical component of working with a recruiter. If you are constantly playing phone tag or having to wait multiple days before getting a response via email, you are wasting valuable time that could hurt your chances of landing the position that will further your career.
  • Are they experts in your industry? For a successful job search, the recruiter you work with must be knowledgeable in your field or industry. They need to have the right contacts, an understanding of your skills and expertise, and know how to determine the best placement for you. If they lack this expertise, it, again, may lead to time lost in your job search.
  • Do they keep your interests and qualifications in mind? Your recruiter needs to focus on finding the best job opportunities that align with your career interests and qualifications. If the recruiter presents you  for jobs  you are over- or under-qualified for or  are not interested in, it causes you to burn up  energy and time focusing on jobs that will not help  further your career. Instead, a recruiter should view himself or herself as your partner in the job search working diligently to find jobs that are right for you.
  • Will they help you prepare for an interview and give you feedback afterwards? Recruiters often have relationships with hiring managers and, therefore, have the opportunity to share the insight they  gained about what the company or organization is looking for in a candidate. They can use this knowledge to help you successfully prepare for your interview. Additionally, if a recruiter’s candidate is not chosen they can ask hiring managers for feedback. You can use this information to improve your interview skills.

Yes, recruiters can help leverage your job search; but remember, the bottom line is recruiters work for the employer with the job opening. Never pay a recruiter to find you a job and always remain in touch with a recruiter as your career progresses.

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