How Valuable Is Your Recruiter?

The short answer is that your recruiter is more valuable than a single job connection. The executive recruiters who place you in past or current positions can help you manage and grow your career over the long term if you do your part: Stay in touch, keep your LinkedIn profile current, and update your resume.

recruiterStay in touch. Send a quick email with a STAR story (Situation, Task, Action, Result) with an update on new career highlights at least every 6 months. Share your successes, as those successes are what sells you to the recruiter’s clients. Many executives make the mistake of ignoring recruiters until they are in crisis. Don’t lose out on great career moves! Keep in touch with the people who will know when the perfect advancement opportunity comes along.

Keep your LinkedIn profile current. One of the first places recruiters look to see more about you is LinkedIn. If your information is out of date by months or years, you may be overlooked. Keep your skills, positions, and all your contact information current so you can stay in the running for the perfect job. Make sure your profile matches your resume, too. You want to give a consistent message to every recruiter and hiring influencer.

Update your resume. This may seem obvious, but many executives become so busy in their current position that they forget to stay ready to advance. Be prepared. Refresh your resume as your skills, professional development or position changes so that you’re ready to say “YES” to new possibilities.

Get the full value out of your relationship with Executive Recruiters.  Allow them the chance to help you grow your career again and again, not just once. Do your part: Ensure that if your dream job opens up, the executive recruiters who know you will be able to find you, promote you, and set up an interview to give you that golden opportunity.

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