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How to Enlist Job Search Help From Your Personal Network

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© weedezign – Fotolia.com

Too many people take a job search journey alone, wandering off-keel, up hill and down dale.

Networking is the optimum job search tool, where you will secure the maximum return on your time investment. But how many people in your personal life actually know you have recently embarked on a job search journey?

I suspect, if you’re like many of my executive clients, you haven’t told them. I’m sure you have your reasons. You may feel embarrassed about being downsized. But today it’s not shameful to be in career transition. It’s a fact of life – a business decision, invariably not even about you.

During the course of our personal life, we all cross paths with many people, each of whom has their own network. Some will be close, some afar, but any of them might be willing to share leads and assist with your job search.

Your network of friends, family or former peers can bring tremendous value for you, and can also be there to support you through the twists and turns, ups and downs of the job search journey.

Don’t hesitate to tell everyone in your network exactly what you are seeking. The clearer you are, the more they can help. Leads can be generated in the most obscure ways, and from people you haven’t contacted in years.

Be respectful of people’s time and patience, and leave lots of space between your requests. People only have a limited network before they will run out of potential leads.

Remember that Facebook is not just for fun. In between posting about your family and personal adventures, talk about the job you are seeking and the exciting things you can offer to a future employer.

Most families celebrate big holidays together, and these events are additional opportunities for you to share your career aspirations. Just respect the setting. Don’t be too bombastic or over the top, or next year’s invitation may just get lost in the mail.


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