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Back to School, Back to Work!

businessman back to work

Once again that time of year is upon us, when your personal life changes. In many households, September is a time of joy as children are welcomed for the first time at their new school or introduced to a new teacher. This is a major step forward in the lives of both the parents and children.

September is also a great time to reflect on your career. According to current surveys, 67% of Canadians and 70% of Americans are unhappy in the workforce. Many questions are to be asked. Am I comfortable where I am or should I initiate a career advancement or lateral move? Am I happy at my job? (Often the answer is NO!) What do I need to do to feel fulfilled and find my dream job?

Many questions and many answers await as you undertake a career self-assessment. As the school year returns, now is an ideal opportunity to learn about yourself. Take a course. Uncover your unique skills, assets and attributes to define and promote your personal brand. Google yourself and your references. Do you have a strong online presence or have you uncovered digital dirt?

When is the last time you updated your resume? Is it a 2015 resume which highlights your unique promise of value, is keyword rich, and is formatted to pass the robots reading your resume? Formats and styles of executive resume writing have vastly changed. Perhaps it’s time to invest in your career and work with a professional resume writer skilled in the art of executive resume writing and position yourself as the perfect candidate.

Summer vacation is over. Get back to work on advancing your career and making yourself happy.

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