Networking and Negative Comments

The options available for online networking are vast and have the potential to result in opportunities for a successful career. Networking is a crucial element in building your brand, connecting with influencers and sharing valuable contacts and information. More jobs are secured through networking than any other job search tool!

Despite the current turmoil of our global economy, it is absolutely necessary to stay focussed and positive if you are going to realize the benefits of networking. Negative comments will not provide positive results! It is in your best interest to create a good first impression so it is unlikely that you will initiate a face to face conversation with a negative comment or a personal insult. So the question I have  is, why am I seeing so many negative comments that openly criticize someone online? Whether online or off, the impression you create will have an impact on potential opportunities that could benefit you and your career.

If you feel the need to send a negative comment directed to an individual online for all to see, think again! The time you waste will do more to discredit you than the person you are sending it to. So remember what most of us learned as children, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”.


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