Enhancing Qualifications On Your Resume

Your professional resume must be a fact-based, historical account of accomplishments. As the years pass, so should your qualifications continue to be enhanced by additional experiences, achievements and education. Your resume should clearly identify these ever increasing details which contribute to enhancing your qualifications and the ability to present an impressive resume.

Managing a successful executive career requires a continuous and conscious effort to seek out those initiatives that will contribute to enhancing your qualifications, maintaining a competitive edge as a potential candidate. Each position you hold will offer the opportunity to achieve results. Be sure to document all details of quantifiable accomplishments upon completion of tasks or projects. Do not wait until you need your resume written years down the road to test your ability to recall events! Reducing costs or increasing sales will not impress without corroborative numeric details.

Experience, accomplishments and promotions are sure to enhance your qualifications but there are other ways to beef up your resume. Do you have a continuing and consistent history of education? Enhance your qualifications by seeking out suitable courses or an accreditation to add to your educational background.

In addition to work history and education, volunteer work and community service will also enhance your qualifications. Focus on groups, organizations or municipal causes avoiding those with any inference towards politics or religion to avoid the risk of discrimination.

Continued attention to detailed and quantifiable accomplishments, further education and volunteer work or community service will all serve to enhance your qualifications on your resume. When was the last time you updated your resume?

If you are interested in acquiring an MBA, Canadian Business has provided an extensive report in their 2011 MBA Guide, which includes 39 institutions across Canada.

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