How many resumes do you have?

Although you may choose to offer a resume with differing tag lines or a reworded “Projective”, you really only have one resume when sharing your career history and your education. There is no room for any lack of consistency regarding titles, dates or degrees as facts are facts. You either worked for the company during that time period or you didn’t! You attended a specific education facility and acquired a diploma or you didn’t. If you choose to write more than one resume you could be risking your credibility whether intentional or not. A typo on a graduation date that varies from one resume to another could be conceived as an attempt to misrepresent the facts.

HR professionals and recruiters consider potential candidates for many reasons including experience, education, testimonials, personality and referrals. In addition to every qualification an employer is seeking there is one critical element, CREDIBILITY! If you are sending out resumes without consistent information you are jeopardizing that credibility. If you have created your Linkedin profile and it consists of varying information from the resume that a potential employer is verifying, you will eliminate yourself as a candidate. Your resume shows you were the VP but your Linkedin profile, which is linked to the company clearly shows you were a Manager. It will be an easy decision not to waste any more time if the facts are not clear.

The wide range of online information pertaining to individuals and companies available on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook are being utilized by recruiters and HR professionals to seek out and verify potential candidates. Your name, personal brand, career history and education must all be consistent and verifiable. Any variances could be construed as a misrepresentation. Review your resumes and your online profiles to ensure your brand and career history are clearly and concisely represented. If you have a professional resume, simply cut and paste the applicable information to your online profiles to ensure accuracy.

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