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Professional Resume Writing – Email Address

Your resume contains a wealth of information that will be used to present yourself as the best candidate for the job in the eyes of the hiring professional. It can also contain information that you may not realize could create a negative impression to a prospective employer.

The heading on your resume displays critical information consisting of your contact name, address, phone numbers, LinkedIn address and email address. Hear are three reasons why a professional hiring manager may choose not to peruse your resume beyond your email address.

  • It is obvious that the email address you have noted is not your own, maybe your wife’s or your boyfriend’s? — Are you so far behind in the technological world that you still don’t have your own email address?  Or are you just too lazy to get one?
  • You are using your current work email address. — Do you understand that it is not a secure or private address?  Will a prospective employer be impressed to think you are job-hunting on company time?
  •,,! Your friends may laugh but you can be assured that you have lost the opportunity to impress a potential employer.

In addition to providing a professional email address, it is obviously important to include a phone number you can be reached at. Although it may surprise you to know that a very high percentage of resumes are submitted with an incorrect phone number! Neglecting this attention to detail could very likely take you out of the running.

Typo’s will also reduce your chances to create a good impression. The general consensus among recruiters is an unwillingness to make allowances for mistakes of any kind. So be sure you put the effort in to ensuring your resume is professional and accurate.

Elite ResumesTake the time to obtain a free critique of your resume or invest in the services of a Certified Professional Resume Writer. But before you contact anyone, be sure you establish a professional email address!

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