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Professional Resume Writing – Career Path

Jim Donald, past President and CEO, Starbucks Coffee Company said, “The right career path will bring passion to your job and your life. Look inside yourself and discover the best fit for your unique personality type”.

Knowing the career path that is right for you will also bring passion to your resume! Your focus on specific positions along a clearly defined career path will be enticing to a reader, who is also looking at filling a specific position. The clarity and confidence you exude will have a positive impact on a hiring professional. Your resume is your personal marketing tool and if you are confused or unclear about the career path you would like to follow, it will be difficult to create a resume that will optimize your opportunity to be interviewed.

It  is possible that your passion or expertise will inspire you to pursue more than one direction in your career. If you are equally passionate about two varying positions, it will be necessary to prepare a separate function specific projective for each resume. Although your history in both resumes will be constant, it may still be possible to focus on specific accomplishments that will directly relate to each projective. This will help to present a professional resume that reflects a clearly defined career path.

Before you start writing your resume or employ the services of a professional resume writer, choose the career path that will bring passion to your job, your life and your resume!

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