Resume Writing and Seductive Words

It should be obvious that the seductive words contained in a Harlequin romance novel may differ greatly than those found in a professional resume but the purpose of the words is identical;

to win over, attract, lure and entice!

Your resume must be capable of attracting the attention of the HR professional or recruiter. A professional appearance, free of spelling and grammatical errors, an enticing tag line, star quality accomplishments and key words which will be targeted in the scanning process; all are necessary for the reader to give consideration to your resume over the competition during the process of elimination!

If your resume does not eliminate you as a potential candidate on first review, it will be the words used in your resume to describe your soft skills, hard skills and experience that will attract the reader and secure the opportunity you are competing for; the job interview.

Give careful consideration to the words necessary to win over, attract, lure, entice the reader to take action and contact you! Consider the impact of the following words:

Wrote the performance review…” vs.Conceived and authored the performance review…”

Establish sales strategies…” vs.Devised and executed captivating sales strategies…”

“Committed to using my skills to succeed.” vs. “Situational leader and tactician; charismatic team builder, provides staff with the tools to succeed and deliver.”

Seductive, enticing, impressive words. These are words that are capable of winning over the potential employer and landing you a job interview. Would you go fishing without a lure?


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