Who’s writing your resume?

The most important factor involved with who’s writing your resume, is your due diligence in choosing the best person to represent you! Often times large companies or educational organizations will provide or recommend a resume service of their choosing and that’s not to say there is anything wrong with this, as Elite Resumes has been associated with many large and highly reputable organizations over the years however, the decision to work one on one with any professional requires careful consideration with regards to sharing a mutual respect, chemistry and belief in the career aspirations and goals as you set forth. It is imperative that the resume writer has the ability and expertise to portray you in the best possible light to ensure you get the attention you deserve.

There will be many professionals in industries such as real estate, insurance, dental, financial services and more that will require a conscious decision on your part to select the individual you are most confident and comfortable in working with. This too should be seriously considered when choosing to work with a Certified Professional Resume Writer. If an organization has provided you with a resume writing service and you have a concern with any of the following points, do not risk sending out your resume prior to getting a second opinion.

  • Resume writer is not familiar with your industry
  • Resume writer is not certified
  • Resume writer lacks experience
  • No one on one interview offered
  • Resume lacks professional appearance
  • Resume does not list quantifiable accomplishments
  • Personal branding not addressed
  • Resume lacks proper formatting
  • Resume has gaps in job history
  • Resume is over 3 pages
  • Resume does not bolster your level of confidence

Many certified and reputable resume services provide free resume critiques and it is highly recommended that you take advantage of this service if you have any of the above concerns. Ask for an opinion from friends, family and colleagues and if you do not receive positive feedback from all sources, contact the organization that provided or recommended the service as most will appreciate being notified and are genuinely concerned with providing a good service that meets your needs. If it is simply a matter of differing personalities, it is still highly recommended that you invest in another Certified Professional Resume Writer to ensure you receive a resume that will impress decision makers and give you a competitive edge to ensure multiple job interviews.


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