Write a Resume that Shows You Are a Powerhouse

Writing a Resume that Shows You Are a Powerhouse

With your experience, it seems like writing a resume that demonstrates your value would be easy, right? Wrong.

Unfortunately, writing a resume that resonates with hiring managers and sets you apart as a powerhouse in your industry can prove challenging. After all, the purpose of your resume is to accentuate your experience, value, and expertise that creates a clear picture of your leadership abilities.

Write a Resume that Shows You Are a Powerhouse

What do you need to include to create a powerful resume?

Focus on Your STAR Stories

STAR stories take your resume to the next level. They entice your reader and garner interest in you and the value you will bring to an organization. Including STAR stories on your resume put your successes front and centr and enables you to highlight how you have solved problems, improved sales, or increased efficiency.

Use Powerful Action Verbs

The words you use are incredibly important to a resume that resonates with readers. Using action verbs is critical to highlighting your STAR stories and other accolades you include on your resume. Words like united, ignited, galvanized, motivated, propelled, mobilized, and negotiated capture the attention of those who read your resume while capturing the value that you will bring to an organization. Need help including action verbs on your resume? Check out this free ebook Do You Know Your Action Verbs? to incorporate powerful action verbs into your resume.

Incorporate Facts

Using numbers, percentages, and other figures boost the power of your resume. Numbers help create clear pictures in the minds of those who read your resume by showing the impact of your value on a company. For example, if you state that you increased sales by 67%, using the numerical figure is much more powerful than simply saying that you increased sales.

Pay Attention to Presentation

Essentially, your resume should tell a story that emphasizes the value you will bring to a company. Therefore, the format of your resume should lend itself for someone to easily follow your story. Seek feedback on your resume to ensure it serves the purpose you intended.

Additionally, ensure your resume is free of spelling and grammatical errors as flaws reflect poorly on you.


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