Your Resume is all about You

Executive ResumeYour resume is all about YOU and maintaining an updated professional resume at all times, employed or not, will ensure you are prepared for your next opportunity. Although you may be content in your current position, it is impossible to predict the future and the possibility of going from employee to job seeker could happen when you least expect it. Quantifiable accomplishments are critical content for a resume so keeping your resume current will eliminate the need to try and recall details from the past or the inability to note impressive results on your resume.

Your resume represents You and so too, will your ability to provide a current, professional resume at anytime upon the request of an HR professional or Recruiter. It will reflect your due diligence, competency and genuine aspirations for career advancement earning you respect and the acknowledgement of your confidence.

You and your resume are one and the same with your most defining attribute being your name. It should be displayed on your resume in a font that is both larger and bolder than any other content. In addition, your position titles and your diploma/degree should also be displayed in bold. Do not bold the company name or the University or College name. Further to contact details, which now require a Linkedin address, your title should be prominently displayed followed by an enticing tag-line.

Your accomplishments will be more impressive and easier to notice by quantifying results so use numbers. Anyone can say they increased sales but not everyone has bragging rights to say they increased sales by 150% over 6 months! You and your resume must exude confidence to stand out from the competition and have a positive influence on the decision maker. For inspiration, make note of the following quote from SteveWeber, “Be bold about what you have to offer the world! If you hold back, people sense the insecurity of your offer.”

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