Are You In Charge of Your Career?

During the past decade or so the philosophy behind career management has changed tremendously. Not so long ago a company was in charge of your career. What a reverse we have seen recently. You are now in charge of your career; take the reins and jump on the ride to career success!

To manage your career path successfully, it’s advisable to take stock of what you have done every year. Note down your achievements in a brag book for use when it’s time to update your résumé. Consider what steps to take in the upcoming 12 months and prepare a plan on how to achieve your goals.

Confer with family and friends about your career goals. Air your concerns and gripes, have them provide some guidance and support. Use their wisdom; they are in the same boat as you, having to take charge of their careers. It’s to your advantage to constantly look out for new career opportunities, especially in a recessionary economy. Look after number one! In fact, my rationale is the day you land a job, is the day you start looking for a new job! Scary, but true.

I remember early on in my current career, 10 years ago when I was networking to build my resume writing business, very infrequently did I meet a person who had just been “downsized,” ’’fired,” “terminated” or call it what you will. These persons were considered out of the norm. However, today it’s a fact of life. Many of my clients are experiencing downsizing for a second or even third time. The indications are that these figures will spiral. What a scary thought!

You never know these days when the call might come from your boss; he or she has to “relieve you of your duties.” Are you prepared? Probably not.

No one relishes being suddenly unemployed, it is stressful and can cause major havoc to a person’s private life and has numerous other implications.

Here are a few suggestions to keep the channels open and your head above water.

Build and maintain a network of persons who can be useful to you career wise; they may have an extensive network themselves. Keep in contact with them, and show interest in their career. Research the many networking groups in your area that cater to your career level.

Join an industry association, become actively involved in their activities, join the Board of Directors. If they don’t have a local chapter, consider starting one. No better way to get your name known!

Build a relationship with recruiters; they are an integral component of job searching. However, they can only work for you if they have a client with a position at the other end. Recruiters might not be able to obtain a position for you initially, but get on their radar screen. They could remember you several years hence. Stay in touch with them as your career progresses; send them updates of your résumé.

In summary, always look out for new opportunities! I can assure you they are out there somewhere. Take charge of your career.Resume

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