Happy Canada Day!

Canada flag

We realize the importance of a personal brand and that of a corporate brand so what about the brand of the country we live in? Simon Houpt, Marketing Reporter for The Globe and Mail writes, What is Canada’s Brand? Canada Day is described as a celebration of a meeting, a union, an agreement about mutual goals over that of the individual. He notes our motto, “Peace, order, and good government”, included in the Constitution Act of 1867 relating it to our DNA and impacting every decision we make.

The majority will agree that there is little that is negative when it comes to Canada’s brand, a country that is well respected and liked around the world as we are recognized for our unique policies in all sectors including peacekeeping.

Is being Canadian reflected in your personal brand? Are you effectively communicating your unique strengths, skills, values and passions? Regardless of our individual attributes, as Canadians we do have a distinct advantage. One which is notable in almost any country in the world by stating a fact that when spoken will inspire admiration, trust and respect. It consists of three words………..

“I am Canadian!”


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