Manage the Effects of Financial Stress with Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Happiness

It’s no surprise that most people agree the major cause of stress in Canada is financial pressure and it is unlikely that these results would be any different in the United States. What is surprising, even shocking, is the financial cost of stress on the Canadian industry. According to Dr. Kenford Nedd, it is approximately $51 billion annually – more than the profits of all Fortune 500 companies put together, adding, “If you really look after stress, you’re looking after your business”.

Be well – Money and Stress, is a special information series on wellness at home and in the workplace, sponsored by Desjardins Financial Security. Ms Nowski, director of disability claims and management for Desjardins Financial Security, says “Unmanageable stress and unmanaged worry can have long-lasting effects on mental and physical health, quality of life and productivity in the workplace, so it is in the best interests of both individuals and organizations to take a proactive approach to managing financial stressors.”

Ongoing stress in the workplace and at home can severely impair our immune systems with the potential to result in long term illness or even death. Although this is a critical issue, there are some simple steps that anyone can take to prevent serious negative effects and help in maintaining a healthy immune system. Make a point of reaching out to others. Decide if you are in need of reaching out for help. Eat healthy and nourishing food. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. Get a full night’s sleep and maintain a regular exercise program. If you can’t make it to the gym, go for a walk. Think positive. Take the time to smile and laugh with coworkers. Dr. Kenford Nedd, says, “Happiness in the workplace triggers the release of chemicals that strengthen the immune system…”.

In Japan, 34,000 otherwise healthy men, die every year of stress-related heart attacks. Nutritious meals, regular exercise, sleep, happiness and reaching out can increase your ability to manage stress. You have the choice to take control of your personal life and stay healthy! Your physical and emotional health impacts your family, friends, business and our country. It starts with you! Do you really have a choice?

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