Are You Looking In All The Wrong Spots For A Job?

When I ask people how they are conducting their job search, the most frequent answer I receive is through the use of job boards. While this can be a valuable resource, it should NOT be relied upon as the primary job search tool. If I were to ask you what the percentage of total jobs found on job boards would be, what would you give as your answer? I often hear 50%, 30% and other incorrect figures. The real answer is under 4%. Yes, that’s right! Popular job board sites combined account for 4% of the total available jobs advertised in Canada.

 4% job boards

5% print media (local, regional and national) and corporate websites

12% / 13% Recruiters

So, where should you look to uncover the other 96%? Awaken your job search using the following highly effective resources.


There has been explosive growth in companies using social media to recruit talent, post jobs, and qualify/pre-screen candidates. Statistics from the JobVite 2012 Social Recruiting Survey show 89% of HR influencers made a hire using LinkedIn in 2011, 26% using Facebook and 15% from Twitter. Social recruiting is a highly economical, convenient and effective method for companies. As with any social postings, be cautious in managing your security settings and connections, especially during a job search.


As I’m composing this blog, there are presently 2,195 jobs listed within an 80 km (50 mi) radius of Elite Resumes and over 232,000 company listings! Follow companies, set job alerts, network with current and former employees at companies you’re interested in working for.


‘Like’ companies you want to work for, review their company pages and postings as many organizations place embedded links to job openings on their corporate page or as part of their daily online conversation.


Think you can’t find a job in 140 characters? I bet if you look today, right now, you’ll find potential jobs and a surprising array of valuable employer information.

Others Social Sites

While I wouldn’t have said this back in 2012, I just learned 25% of Fortune Global 100 companies have created accounts on Pinterest and a further 48% are on Google+, further adding to other popular sites including Plaxo, Xing, Namyz, and ZoomInfo. Explore the possibilities while boosting your Google ranking with a consistent brand message.

Corporate Websites

Make a list of the companies you want to work for then go directly to their website as many corporate websites have a Careers tab. Follow the company blog to unearth latest product offerings and other business announcements. Use the information to prepare and present a compelling cover letter, stating why you would be an ideal fit for the employer. Be aggressive, request an informational interview!


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