Beat the Competition in a Summer Job Search

You still have time to beat the competition in a summer job search! Of course you are a confident job seeker and believe you are the best candidate for the position. Unfortunately, you are only one of many who are all assuring recruiters and employers that they are the perfect candidate to fill the job. What if you had the opportunity to increase your odds by reducing your competition to position yourself as a potential candidate in a pool of 10 instead of 30? Or 20 instead of 60?

A summer job search may not seem as appealing as time spent at the cottage but this is the opportune time for a job search as job seekers drop off dramatically in the summer months. However, companies are not in a position to ignore the fact that a position needs to be filled regardless of the season. Over the long weekend in Canada, it was evident that few emails were being exchanged by those seeking employment but what did stand out was the fact that the few emails from one organization, 10 to be exact, contained 3 to announce they had successfully landed new jobs! These were senior positions which entailed job searches in excess of 10 months.

Seize the opportunity to beat the competition in a summer job search and land your new position before the September pool of potential candidates increases substantially!

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