Businessman with open hands palm balancing the word work and life

Keeping Busy and Balanced in Career Transition

Businessman with open hands palm balancing the word work and lifeAs an executive career management coach, I have witnessed that those with a career plan achieve goals faster than those without. Yet I am always astounded by some people’s failure to embrace career transition as a full-time commitment. Why think otherwise, when so much is at stake?

However, it is important to keep in mind that you should not sacrifice your personal life in pursuit of your next appointment. Family time and hobbies are still essential to your well-being and success. Here are some tips to help you stay balanced and productive in career transition:

  • Brief those around you (your spouse, your kids, and other friends and acquaintances) that you have a meaningful goal. Prepare them that you will be dedicating a similar number of hours to your job search as you do when you are working.
  • Attend and volunteer for community events. This is an ideal opportunity to combine your job search and your personal interests. Mixing with a variety of people is a great chance to expand your network (you never know who you might meet, it could be your next boss!). Volunteering also enhances your spirit and self-esteem by giving back.

    One note of caution: Be careful which volunteer activities you portray on your resume. Unfortunately we are still a discriminatory society where a reader may eliminate you from a potential opportunity simply because you belong to a particular political party or faith.

  • Join a health club or sports team. The extra exercise will help you stay healthy and energized for the race ahead, and gives you more chances to meet new people and potential leads.

In career transition, you need to be honest with yourself and others, and set a defined goal and job search plan. Yes, it’s tough, and there are many variables that can both hinder your plan and demoralize you. However, stay focused, stay positive, and stay on schedule, and you will reach your career goal.

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