Recruiters Don’t Ask Job Seekers to Pay

There is one piece of information you need to remember in your job search; recruiters don’t ask job seekers to pay a fee. Their client is the  company that is in need of filling a position and the recruiter is compensated for seeking out a suitable candidate. Legitimate “recruiting organizations” will NEVER ask a job seeker for money and will NEVER guarantee a job seeker a position because they are retained by a potential employer. Often job seekers will be heard complaining about recruiters who do not follow up with them but  they are not compensated by the job seeker.

All too often we are hearing of job seekers spending thousands of dollars taken in by scams which promise them a job and almost all have reported that they were under the impression that it was a recruiting company. It should now be fully understood that this was not the case.  It is unfortunate that during a time when finances are limited we see victims paying out thousands of dollars coerced by false promises of landing a dream job that is never realized. Even those who didn’t hand over the money have invested their time to travel and interview and then, as requested, to return with their spouse to interview again before realizing that this was not part of your everyday job search.  

That said, there are many qualified and reputable organizations that can assist you in your job search and provide a professional and valuable service in all aspects of your executive career. It is much easier than you think to recognize the difference; just ask! You should have a network of professionals on Linkedin and various groups that are available to verify an organization. There are also many online forums to submit questions about a company. Be sure to check in with friends, family and colleagues too in order to obtain valuable advice, recommendations and referrals. 

An organization with a disreputable history may resort to changing their company name in an effort to hide from negative feedback. If the canned email spiel you’re receiving shows an inconsistency with company names and company website names, it is likely a scam. Legitimate companies are proud of the reputation they have built with the ONE name used since the date they were established.

Always be sure to search online to verify any organization, especially one you intend to hire! Check out the links such as and the redflagdeals forum. Or Google the name and beside the name include the word, scam. You will be amazed at the results and how much information others have been sharing in order to help you avoid being scammed.

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