Do You Have One Of The Worst Resumes?

You would think sales and marketing professionals would know what an impressive resume looks like, after all, a resume is simply a marketing tool. HR professionals, with extensive experience reviewing resumes should also know how their own resumes should look in order to positively influence decision makers. However, this is not the case and after 18 years as a Certified Professional Resume Writer providing over 15,000 free resume critiques, I can confirm that the worst resumes I have critiqued have consistently been submitted by sales and marketing professionals and HR professionals.

Perhaps those producing the worst resumes are relative to various professions where  often the emphasis is on the clients needs rather than their own such as the lawyer who prepares wills but doesn’t have one or the plumber with leaky faucets. Regardless of the profession, the fact is most people are not good at selling themselves, which is why it is imperative that a professional review your resume before you ever send it out. Don’t sell yourself short by submitting one of the worst resumes.

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