Does Your Resume Generate Questions Or Answers?

“I see the most recent position on your resume was from 2008 to 2011 and yet your previous employer said you left their organization in 2010. Can you explain this?”

“Your resume shows the title of your position as, VP but your Linkedin profile shows your title as Manager. Do you know what your title was when your were employed by this company?”

“The diploma you note in your resume does not reference a graduation date. Did you actually receive this accreditation and if so, in what year?”

“There is a substantial employment history gap in your resume. Was there any reason you did not want to share the information related to that time period?”

These may be questions generated by your resume but you will not have the opportunity to answer them in a job interview as the hiring professional will have eliminated you as a potential candidate. Your cover letter and resume must assure the reader you are the perfect candidate for the position to secure a job interview. If your resume generates more questions than answers, lacks pertinent details or appears to be embellished you will be cut from the competition.

If you have provided the answers in your resume that the HR professional or recruiter is looking for, you will be one step ahead of much of your competition and have the opportunity to sell yourself again in a job interview. Of course the answers in your resume must be relevant to the job description. As an accounting assistant, a solid resume will not eliminate the question, “Why are you applying for a position requiring a CGA designation?”

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