Taglines Not Just For Businesses

A Tagline has long been a necessary marketing requirement for any successful company or business. “Good to the last drop”,  “Zoom Zoom”, “Let your fingers do the walking” and “Strong enough for a man but made for a woman”; all famous slogans or taglines used to successfully promote a product.

In addition to a professional resume, an online presence has become a mandatory requirement in managing an executive career. Professional profiles are expected to be found on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. Just as a business or organization markets a product, you too are the product requiring the necessary marketing collateral to establish yourself as a credible candidate with the necessary expertise to get the job. Personal Branding is key to establishing a memorable and respected identity and what better way to promote yourself online and off than with a tagline?

“Embraces and defeats challenges to achieve operational, management and fiscal excellence.”

“Persuasive and compelling Instructor renowned for delivering memorable training sessions.”

“Action-oriented leader, faces challenges, unravels and resolves critical business issues and encourages staff to maximize their potential.”

“Sets and maintains high standards, steers the company to deliver unparalleled results and outperform the competition.”

Unless you have established a long and exemplary career, your name may say little about you but associate it with a  tagline, maintained consistently and professionally, it could provide you with the recognition you need to excel in your career.

Whether you create your tagline for your resume, business cards or social media profiles it is sure to help you stand out from the crowd. Give consideration to where you want to be in your career, why you should be considered the ideal candidate and what will best describe your expertise? Create a tagline to be remembered, generate a positive influence and establish your competitive edge!

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