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It is so common to see “updates available …” that you may not have noticed how often you actually choose to update; your email, WordPress site, computer, phone or social media sites.  Competition is fierce, technological advances are thrown at us at an alarming rate and an online presence is mandatory. Staying current with all updates will enable better performance, increased knowledge and a respected professional presence. The advancement and success of your career or business is relative to your acceptance of this need for constant change.

In addition to receiving available updates, it is also necessary to provide updates; “What’s happening? What’s on your mind? Share an update.” Active participation increases your online presence and provides friends, followers, colleagues, recruiters and potential employers a glimpse of “you”!  Are you sending a consistent stream of information necessary to establish your unique personal brand? Have you reviewed and updated all other information available within your online profiles and your resume?

A Business2Community post, September: Update Your resume Month! Don’t Forget About Linkedin, by Personal Branding Blog offers great advice on updating your resume.

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