going international

Going International

When you seek a position at a firm with global teams, international interests, or open positions overseas, you need to ensure that your resume reflects your readiness for doing business across multiple cultures, languages, and marketplaces.

Here are 6 things you can add to or highlight on your resume to reflect your global readiness:

  1. going international photoInternational experience. If you have studied abroad, lived in a foreign country, or volunteered or travelled extensively, highlight this experience in your resume. Even a long-ago high school foreign exchange program holds value decades later.
  2. Are you fluent in another language? It’s important to play this up. If it’s been awhile, be sure to brush up so you can perform well if you’re claiming fluency.
  3. Cultural Sensitivity. Have you managed a multi-cultural team? Perhaps you’ve mentored a colleague from another part of the world. This can show your sensitivity toward other cultures and your adaptability as a global team member.
  4. Have you worked as a consultant at multiple locations? Even domestic consultants build resilience and adaptability to many different environments and team dynamics. This is a valuable quality for global organizations.
  5. Communication skills. Written and spoken communication skills are crucial on the international stage. Play up your communication skills.
  6. Cultural fit. Take a close look at both the company culture and the international environments of any perspective employer. Tailor your resume to highlight your ability to fit in, understand, and respect both types of culture.
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