Pleasing the Judges

There is one very important criteria to consider before submitting your professional resume; will it impress the right people? Your professional resume is a single document that will influence the direction of your career and it will be judged by HR professionals and recruiters, those with the power to decide if you will be a potential candidate and grant you a job interview or eliminate you from contention.

In order to please the majority of judges it is important to know what will impress them. American Idol presents three judges and although they don’t always agree, we can be assured that they are all looking for serious talent. Why is it then that so many candidates show up in ridiculous costumes? We know as soon as they walk in the door that the judges will not give them a ticket to Hollywood. It is not any different when you submit your professional resume. We know what the judges are looking for and how to present a resume that will get you the ticket to a job interview.

You’ll be pleasing the judges if your resume:

  • has a professional appearance – star quality
  • begins with a compelling projective – overture
  • correct grammar and spelling – harmony
  • quantifiable accomplishments – tempo
  • continuous work history – beat
  • education with dates – tone

Your recital will be the influence behind an encore just as your resume will be the influence behind a job interview. Pleasing the judges will determine your success!

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