Top 10 reasons why your resume isn’t working for you

If your resume is working for you, you are receiving regular invitations to interview with HR professionals and recruiters. Certainly the distribution, targeted markets/companies, social media presence and a well written cover letter will have an influence on your success but if your resume is working for you and you put it into the right hands, doors will open!

Why is your resume not working for you? Here are the top 10 reasons:

  1. Does not include adequate contact information
  2. Lacks professionalism
  3. Contains typos and grammatical errors
  4. Details and job history are not supported in social media profiles
  5. Indecipherable due to formatting errors
  6. Unexplained gaps in employment history
  7. Too short or too long
  8. Lacks current keywords
  9. No STAR quality
  10. Outdated (template or resume style) S T A R1

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