Twitter is Five Years Old!

Yes, it has been five years since Twitter was launched. It’s still here and still going strong despite being misunderstood by many. I’m not sure the name Twitter or reference to the 140 character Tweets didn’t severely damage initial impressions for many but for those who are familiar with Twitter it is described as nothing less than “revolutionary”! Brian Solis said, “Any network that can bring an audience to an impassioned voice on demand will over power any organizations attempt to suppress it.” There are over 200 million users, mobile use has increased 182% in the past year and it is undeniably one of the top three social media sites in the world! posts, Twitter turns 5, goes from 0 to 140 million tweets a day, and includes the following quotes from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, “The big thing I learned from Twitter are these concepts of immediacy, transparency, and approachability,” says Dorsey. “I think Twitter’s done a very good job for the communications industry.”  Personally, I couldn’t agree more!

In the top 3 is the #1 professional social media site, Linkedin which has recently exceeded 100 million users and the most popular social media site is Facebook, with over 600 million users and expected to reach one billion users before year end!

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