Twitter should be embraced for all that it is!

Although Twitter is being embraced by 200 million users there are still many who are not aware of just how significant this social media site really is, despite the number of users. Check out the following blog posts to see what you could be missing.

“I will dig you out”  and “Newark Mayor using robust Twitter presence to reach snowed-under residents” are only two recent blog posts that just might give others a better understanding of the magnitude of Twitter’s reach when it comes to sharing real time information, helping others and influencing reputations. Further, “Twitter as a professional development tool” describes the value of Twitter noting, “Twitter is #1 on the Top 100 Tools for Learning list this year for the second year running”. And “Twitter on pace to reach 200 million users by 2011” describes Twitter as follows: “The tiny, feature-light blog service has few bells and whistles, but its reach is extraordinary. Its simplistic approach to sharing thoughts and news to other people on the Internet has caught on to the point where every respectable company has an official account, government agencies are using it to connect with constituents, and celebrities log on to share their latest gossip.” provides some interesting monthly stats on Canadian politics and “Canadians found to be huge online users” shows statistics for online use including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia. 

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