Networking Tips - Video

Networking Tips – Video

My philosophy on career success today is that you should network, network, and network. Failure to network today, in my view, as a career management professional, can be a career inhibitor. Because of social media, there are many new avenues for you to network online, as well as offline.

Here are my four tips as a fearless networker myself.

Networking Tip number one. Get on social.

You don’t even have to leave your home today to network. There are three main platforms that can bring value to your career management. They are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Yes there is a lot of resistance by many to use social media, but you need to broadcast your value. Share your expertise and make comments to expand your social media presence. So, get over it.

Number two. Get personal.

You cannot underestimate the value of meeting someone in person and shaking their hands. Here again, the return on investment can reap significant rewards, providing you choose your network carefully

Tip number three. First impressions count.

Be aware of your audience and be ready to adapt to their communication style. Be aware of your apparel. Make sure you stand out for all the right reasons and be aware of your body language. Put that cell phone away. Be open and show confidence.

Networking Tip number four. Have a powerful and resonating elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is as important as a business card. You need to articulate who you are, what you do, what you’re looking for, and how you can help others.

Networking to some can be very laborious and daunting. However, you need to advance your career. You need to come out of your shell and network, network, and network.

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