What Should Be in Your LinkedIn Profile?

What Should Be in Your LinkedIn Profile?

Recruiters and other hiring influencers rely on LinkedIn as an online resource for either discovering or vetting candidates for open positions. So, what should be in your LinkedIn profile to attract and interest recruiters and hiring managers? Here are 9 must-have items for your profile. It’s worth the effort to go into your LinkedIn and add or update these items so that you are ready for search engines!

  1. Complete profile. Incomplete profiles make candidates look sloppy and disinterested. The blanks can happen when you create an account and simply forget to go back in and finish it later. Now is the time!
  2. What Should Be in Your LinkedIn Profile?Professional photo. Don’t use that vacation snapshot, or the neighborhood picnic selfie. Use either a professional photographer’s work product, or have someone take a photo of you in your best suit against a solid background. Go pro whenever possible, as the professional photographer has knowledge of special lighting and posing techniques that make you look your best.
  3. Headlines matter. This isn’t a throwaway line, but the text that will be the first result a hiring influencer will see. Your industry and job title should feature.
  4. Personalize: Your summary is the go to for hiring influencers seeking to understand your cultural fit to an organization as well as a synopsis of your value. Unlike a resume, your summary should be written in the first person. Inject personality but make your summary skimmable. Consider this 2,000 character section your billboard and pitch your best self.
  5. Proofread!! Errors like spelling and grammar mistakes make you look careless. No one wants to hire someone with no attention to detail. Get someone with great writing skills to take a close look.
  6. Make it match. Ensure your profile info is current and matches your resume. I’ve seen different job titles, skills lists and timelines that don’t match, and even different company names. These are red flags for all hiring influencers. Make the best impression with a perfect match.
  7. Availability. Use the “Open Candidates” option to let recruiters know your job search is active. It’s discreet, not allowing the general public to know, just hiring influencers.
  8. Popularity. Your contacts are meaningful. Having a large number of contacts means you are actively engaged in your field, managing your own career, and can even show that you are respected as an expert if you have top experts in your contacts.
  9. Recommendations: Waiting to take a reference letter to an interview is so old school. Let your online recommendations sing your praises around the world 24/7/365.

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