Are You Interview Ready

Are You Interview Ready?

Are You Interview Ready?  Here's how to prepare for a job interview.

Getting ready for a job interview takes preparation and practice. Walking into an interview when you feel underprepared only adds to your nerves and anxiety. That can cause you to give off a less than stellar first impression.

An interview is your place to shine; therefore, you want to ensure  you walk into the interview ready for whatever might be thrown your way.

Use these tips to ensure you are ready for your executive level interview:

Research the Company

As you prepare for a job interview, it is essential  you do a bit of research on the company. Be sure you understand the company’s values and mission statement, and incorporate those into your answers. Doing so will help you demonstrate how your experience and expertise aligns to the company’s inherent values, and, as a result, will allow you to stand out.

Anticipate Questions

You can count on being asked some version of common behavioural interview questions during your interview. Prepare your answers for those common questions. Be ready to share specific instances and examples to back up your responses.

Use stories to paint the picture for the interview panel. You not only want to assure them  you hold the knowledge to be a viable candidate for the position but also that you have the experience to back up your knowledge.

Master Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication can make or break your chances of landing a position. It is imperative  your body language exudes confidence. Go in with a strong, confident handshake. Make eye contact, relax, and use good posture. Be sure you come off as confident, but not overly so. Be gracious and relatable.

Be Present

While it is important to prepare as much as you can, know that it is impossible to anticipate everything in a job interview. Be ready to roll with whatever they throw your way. Fall back on your experience and stories to demonstrate your ability to think and perform under pressure. If something unexpected happens, remember to go with it and do not allow it to impede your confidence. 

Get Feedback

Practice helps calm your nerves and build your confidence as you prepare for an interview. Ask a respected, trusted friend to help you prepare. Practice your responses to common interview questions and ask for feedback. Do you do anything distracting with your hands as you answer questions? Gathering feedback to help you fix any glaring negatives before the interview will boost your confidence for the actual interview.

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