Add Some Spring to your Career Plan

There are distinct signs of spring. To begin with, I’m actually writing this sitting outside for the first time this year in Severn Bridge, Ontario. I’m accompanied by numerous spring sounds. Drip, drip as the snow gradually melts and fades away; the birds tweet and each day new multi-coloured birds feast at the feeders nearby, all increased signs of activity are welcomed and very encouraging after a long and arduous winter.

Spring brings renewal, a time to reflect, gather thoughts and embark on new initiatives. Now is the time to review your career plan. Do you have one? I suspect not. Why not start now and take stock of where you are and where you want to go? Renewal opens the door to new opportunities, provides a fresh outlook and offers a new perspective. This spring, there is much excitement and optimism in the hiring sector in multiple industries across Canada. Don’t listen to the sceptics and “Debbie Downer’s” out there who can cloud your thoughts and hinder your path forward.

Based on my over 20 years in helping senior executives steer their career path, I’ve observed distinct seasonal differences in the employment sector. Fall is different from spring and summer is different from winter. Hiring trends not only reflect the economy but are also very seasonal. Spring is aptly named providing the chance to spring forward, re-evaluate existing goals, and create new career challenges and adventures.

A career consumes a large amount of your time and interfaces with all facets of your daily and family life. Sadly a large majority of professionals are unhappy and disengaged in their careers and lack a defined career plan identifying where they want to be in 5 or 10 years. Do you know where you want to be in 1 year, let alone 5 or 10 years? Spring has always been a good time to conduct a job search but before commencing on a spring search, you need to uncover what the latest trends are in recruitment, resume writing, interview practices as well as understanding how and where to find the jobs.

While birds tweet the same spring song each year, career management trends are constantly changing. What might have been an effective job search strategy in Spring 2013 may need to be tweaked for a Spring 2014 job search. Partnering with an executive career coach can be a great way to add spring to your career plan, as they keep abreast of industry trends offering guidance and support to help you map out a future based on your ambition and current employment practices. Career management professionals help those employed individuals who have lost their way as well as the employee impacted by corporate downsizing and in need of some outplacement assistance.

So many senior business leaders wander a lonely path hoping that their employers or even luck will lead them along a solid and rewarding career path. This is wrong, for it is YOU that is in charge of your career. So take the time this spring to review and renew your career, there are so many opportunities waiting for you.

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