Are you happy in your career?

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Do I LOOK happy?

We’ve all had a job at one point in time that we can reflect back on as an absolute nightmare or at best, “get me out of here” experience. The priority as students was solely to acquire a minimal income while gaining an education, experience and maturity. Not that we didn’t consider ourselves mature back then. Today, the focus may still be on your current job or a potential job opportunity but are you evaluating your career?

If you are going to be happy in your career, it will require a great deal more than showing up for a job each day. Managing a successful and fulfilling career requires a conscious consideration and evaluation from both a business and a personal perspective. An ongoing and thorough investigation of current and forecasted market conditions, industries and organizations is a must. Pertinent questions related to your career should be reviewed on a regular basis at which time new questions should be added and those no longer relevant, discarded. A position involving travel in a young career may be an exciting opportunity and provide a significant basis for advancement but priorities may change with the addition of a family. Do you need to re-evaluate your position or the company? How does your expertise fare in relation to current trends? What is your preferred area of interest? What is the potential tenure within the corporation? Have you investigated companies with a focus on cultural fit? What is the potential for advancement within the organization? Are you interested in re-locating?

Whether you are currently in a career or in career transition, a regular evaluation involving past, current and future employment should be regularly reviewed to ensure the direction of your career path brings success and happiness.

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