Are You Intent on Being Unhappy in Your Job?

Are You Intent on Being Unhappy in Your Job?

No one enjoys misery, but you can become so focused on what’s wrong and uncomfortable that you lose sight of who can change it. Are you intent on being unhappy in your job? Are you so centered on counting your sorrows and discomforts that you’re ignoring the solution? While you can’t change corporate culture or your boss, you can choose to manage your own career and find a new job.

It’s not your employer’s job to manage your career, it’s yours. No one else will ever be as dedicated to your career development as you, and it’s up to you to set goals, grow your skills, and reach for the next rung on the ladder. Don’t wait around for someone to change the company or decide it’s time for a promotion! Reach out and make it happen for yourself.

Are You Intent on Being Unhappy in Your Job?If you’re unhappy in your job, what other positions do you have the skills to do? What other teams in your company are looking to fill open positions? It’s up to you to research the possibilities to move from an unhappy situation to one that’s a better fit.

Is it the corporate culture that makes you uncomfortable? Work on brushing up your most valuable skills, polish your personal branding, get your resume ready, and start networking to find a better place to work.

Feeling stagnant and bored? Do some research to set your next goal. Do you need to go back to school for an executive MBA? Learn state-of-the-art skills to become more marketable? Consider a sideways promotion to cross-train for a management position? Start working now to get ready for a job search to reach that next goal for your career.

Don’t become so intent on your unhappiness that you overlook the solution. You are the captain of your career, if you don’t like where it’s going, change course! Make the changes that will make you happier. It’s up to you!

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