Career Professionals Won’t Guarantee A Job

Many of those managing executive careers are aware of the importance of a professional resume, networking, job search strategies, a strong social media presence, personal branding, career coaching and and the role that certified career professionals play within the career industry. Unfortunately, not unlike any other industry, there are those who are good at what they do and those who are not. There are those who are involved in continued education, have extensive experience and are fully certified, and there are those who are not.

HR professionals and recruiters are googling potential candidates to verify credentials, work  history, gain an insight into their personality and review testimonials and recommendations. Organizations and companies must investigate extensively to ensure the substantial investment to hire nets the best possible candidate. This due diligence is necessary for anyone when considering an investment to secure the services of a professional whether long term or short term.

There will always be some willing to cash in on the vulnerability of those in career transition as we have seen recently in an investigation by CBC Marketplace, Job seekers warned about Toronto firm’s pitch. As stated in this article and previously posted on this site in, Recruiters Don’t Ask Job Seekers To Pay, no reputable organizations; recruiters, “job search marketing firms” or career management professionals will ever guarantee a job.

Professional Advice For Your Job Search and Google It and Avoid a Scam also reiterate the need for due diligence in the decisions made when managing an executive career. Your future starts with you and there are many reputable executive career management professionals qualified to assist in helping to meet or even exceed your career goals. Look for testimonials and referrals from trusted colleagues and join the pertinent groups on Linkedin to share in the many discussions available. Learn from the expertise shared by others and discover the advantages of highlighting your own expertise and expanding your professional network.


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